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IX In Store Intelligence

NexVisionIX's In-Store Intelligence solution leverages data from POS, in-store sensors and video camera to transform today's stores.

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IX Merchandising Intelligence

  • Product Placement Game Plan
  • Merchandize Effectiveness Game Plan
  • Visual Merchandising Effectiveness Game Plan
  • Effective Inventory Management Game Plans
  • Assortment Effectiveness Game Plans
  • Allocation Effectiveness Game Plans
  • Open To Buy Game Plans
  • SKU Rationalization Game Plan

IX Operations Intelligence

  • Traffic Optimization
  • Employee Optimization Game Plan
  • Customer Service Level Game Plans
  • Store Performance Game Plan
  • Employee Productivity Game Plan
  • Store Layout Optimization Game Plan

IX Marketing Intelligence

  • Campaign Effectiveness Game Plan
  • Promotion Traffic Game Plan
  • Shop Time Game Plan
  • Customer Loyalty Game Plan
  • Market Segmentation Game Plan
  • One to One Marketing Game Plan
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention Game Plan
  • Flyer Performance Game Plan
  • Promotion Effectiveness Game Plan
  • Promotion Lift Analysis Game Plan
  • Promotion Halo Impact Game Plan
  • Cross-Sell Game Plan
  • Targeted Campaign Game Plan
  • Personalized Promotions Game Plan
  • Personalized Products Game Plan
  • Sales Associate Customer Recommendation Game Plan
  • Localized Assortment/Marketing Strategies Game Plan
About NexVisionIX

NexVisionIX is the leader in business intelligence solutions and big data analytics offering a cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).

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